Talent Services

Executive Recruitment

How can you make C-Suite and board executive recruitment more efficient and effective through disciplined needs assessment and personalized needs-based recruiting?  Integrated with plans for clinical, financial and operational performance, executive planning establishes an agenda for C-suite and board recruitment, assessment, evaluation and development.   Benefit:  You pinpoint what you need and want and where you’re headed for the short and long-term future.   An integrated process approach to candidate identification, assessment and hiring, executive recruitment brings the best C-suite executives and board members into your organization. Benefit: Your organization brings on candidates who fit your evolving clinical and business agenda.   InveniasPartners provides the people and process to achieve the results you need. Click here to learn more.

Executive Assessment

How do you zero in on executive candidates with the knowledge, skill and leadership savvy to move your organization forward on accountable care, population health, patient and provider engagement and the care continuum?  InveniasPartners offers tools guaranteed to conserve resources and deliver the candidates you deserve. Click here to learn more.  

Executive Onboarding

How can you make sure that newly recruited executives embrace your mission, vision, values, culture and agenda for clinical, operational and financial performance?  Mentor and educate new C-suite and board members and you  accelerate productivity, integration, alignment and satisfaction.  Benefit:  Executives spend less time learning by trial and error and more time fulfilling your organization’s strategic objectives. InveniasPartners makes sure that new executives understand  an organization’s roles, responsibilities and agendas for change. Click here to learn more. 

Executive Development

How can you identify gaps in executive knowledge, skill and competency to move your organization forward? Just as important, how do you deliver the training and e-learning programs to fill these gaps? By pinpointing gaps in executive knowledge, skill, competency and leadership, you create the kinds of programs that close these gaps. Benefit: You avoid barriers and roadblocks that stymie organizational success.

InveniasPartners helps you understand what's missing and where and how to take action. Click here to learn more.

Executive Coaching

How do you help an executive identify leadership gaps and opportunities?  One-on-one interaction with a seasoned coach is often the difference between an executive who fulfills the requirements of a job description and one who reaches beyond expectations to innovate and transform an organization.  Click here to learn more.       

Executive Succession Planning

How can you ensure organizational continuity and clinical, financial, and operational performance? Through what process can you identify, assess and develop the high performers and successors to C-Suite and board leaders?  No matter how quickly your organization evolves, it must prepare to move talented executives into vacant positions—even if a vacancy is three-to-five years out.  Succession planning allows you to zero in on the best, most appropriate internal candidates.  Benefit:  Your organization minimizes the trauma of leadership voids. Click here to learn more.