Our Process

Our Process and Scope of Services

Our search process, at its core, is highly collaborative. We bring to the table, industry-relevant recruiting expertise and work together with your team to develop an achievable search strategy. We believe in setting realistic milestones that will allow your team to exercise due diligence and select the best candidate to lead your organization forward. Clear, succinct and direct communication with your team about the search progress and key decision dates is critical to the team determining how much time it must realistically devote to the search.

Our unique, highly focused position in healthcare leadership and talent advisory, has allowed us to cultivate a broad network among industry leaders and candidates. Invenias means to discover and we believe that we are exceptional at working with formal and informal networks to find the ideal candidate for each role. Our approach to each engagement is fresh and focused – we do not recycle candidates and slates.

As part of our search process, we will source and qualify hundreds of prospective candidates for each assignment. On average, we will present 8 -12  highly qualified and developed candidates for your consideration. We then work with your search committee to narrow the list to those leaders that are the best fit for the role and culture of your organization. Because of our extensive candidate development and preparation, our job offer acceptance rate is near 100%.

While our bespoke search strategy is customized and based on your specific needs, below is our recommended search process.