Executive Development

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."
- Peter F. Drucker

Executive Development from InveniasPartners 

Executive development prepares leaders to move from mastery of discrete  area of healthcare to broader leadership roles.   Executives learn to think faster and more creatively about strategies and solutions. They discover how to improve the design and implementation of new strategies and avoid destructive conflicts. And they build the expertise required to lead teams across functions and organizations.

What’s Executive Development?

How do you make sure that executive talent is available to take on key roles at all levels and corners of your organization?  Executive development from InveniasPartners taps into online and face-to-face education, training and coaching opportunities to grow the kind of executive and board talent that will move your organization forward.  

Why Executive Development? 

Invest in executive development with InveniasPartners and you’ll experience these benefits:

  • Prepare your organization for planned and unforeseen C-Suite and board vacancies.
  • Pinpoint leadership opportunities and gaps.
  • Sustain valued projects, programs and services.
  • Promote leadership development as an ongoing process and benefit.
  • Build a culture of development and renewal that attracts and retains top-tier executive and board talent.

How Does Executive Development Work?

InveniasPartners supports you every step of the way as you make executive and board development decisions via a multi-step process:  

  • Define your goals and objectives for executive talent development: InveniasPartners helps identify executive development objectives, requirements and pathways to enhanced knowledge, skill and performance. Among the issues: What do executives need to know and do—both now and in the years ahead?  How do executives prefer to access information and knowledge? How do they want to build executive and leadership skills?    
  • Develop a strategic plan for executive development: InveniasPartners helps create a strategic plan for executive development and joins you as you share the plan with executives, board members and key stakeholders.  Among the issues:  How will your organization mobilize the resources needed to support executive development?  By which metrics will you evaluate executive performance gains?  
  • Review and update the plan at least once a year. InveniasPartners evaluates your executive development plan against strategic business, financial and clinical goals and objectives.  Among the issues: How well does your plan meet executives’ needs?  Has executive performance improved as a result of the plan?  How can you enhance the plan and its development programs?  
  • Conduct annual executive performance evaluations:  InveniasPartners helps rate the performance of executives against strategic objectives and goals. With the input of board members, we l ensure that all C-Suite executives participate in a confidential performance review—regardless of their past record of high performance.  
  • Evaluate board performance:  InveniasPartners engages board members in self-assessment.  Among the issues: How well do board members fulfill their responsibilities for governance?  What about your strategic objectives?  Where and how can you introduce programs to enhance board performance?   

What’s Next?  

Executive and board development is a complicated process.  One-shot webinars, retreats, and seminars deliver value, but fail to develop executive and board knowledge, skill, competency and commitment.  Your organization needs a disciplined process to evaluate executive and board performance against strategic objectives and goals. You deserve outside guidance to develop and monitor a strategic development plan and choose programs designed to accelerate performance.  For more information on how InveniasPartners can develop your C-suite executive and board team, call _____________________