Talent Advisory Solutions

Discovering Health Care Leaders

InveniasPartners believes talent assessment and advisory are critical to an effective executive search process, as well as maintaining high-performing, healthy leadership at any organization. We utilize clearly explained qualitative and quantitative processes to provide critical insights for the development of institutional strategy and the definition of key performance indicators.

Our consultants are eager to learn about your goals and place them in context of larger industry and behavioral trends. From that starting point, we work collaboratively to develop a focused methodology to gather essential data and insights from the team members who drive your mission forward every day. We deeply value face-to-face conversations and embrace technology that allows the survey of larger constituencies. Finally, we will report on these findings, connecting them to original targets and actionable next steps in consummate transparency, whether in the measured timeline of an executive search or as part of an ongoing consultancy with long-term goals at heart.

We proudly incorporate Hogan assessments in our talent advisory services, drawing from superior research insights and highly regarded statistical footing to evaluate the likelihood of candidate and team member success.