Executive Assessment

Ready to discover the best health care talent available?

InveniasPartners knows how to zero in on what’s needed to achieve success in senior executive and board positions—from personality, cultural fit and leadership style to executive skill, health care knowledge and political instinct.

Executive Assessment Overview

What happens when C-suite or board candidates come to the table with comparable education, experience, knowledge and skill?  How do you differentiate to discover the best talent?  How do you probe beyond the standard resume and interview process?  Executive assessment is a proven process and vital element of health care executive search and talent management.  

Introducing Hogan Assessment

Executive assessment provides research based insights that complement our proven evaluation methods.  Tools such as Hogan provide search committees and hiring executives with an unbiased, empirical view of candidate’s potential for success.  By analyzing the unique mix of values and personality characteristics of an executive as defined by Hogan, consultants at InveniasPartners learn what motivates top candidates to succeed.

Hogan helps us explore how leaders function in the workplace and how well candidates will interact with C-Suite colleagues, line managers and staff.  Just as vital, the Hogan assessment allows InveniasPartners to zero in on situations that could derail or interfere with consistently high performance.

The Hogan assessment has three components:

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HP1) measures job fit.  It provides insights into the “bright side” of an executive’s personality.  Colleagues notice these behaviors and they enhance job performance.
  • The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) measures cultural fit. It offers insight into an executive’s values, goals, and interests as it discovers where an executive will perform best--and still enjoy the experience.  Importantly, the MVPI provides a window into the kind of culture the executive will create within your organization.
  • The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) delivers insight into performance risks.  It uncovers feedback on the eleven top tendencies for “executive derailment.”  What happens when executives experience stress, conflict and work overload?  These tendencies can disrupt relationships, stymie productivity, erode leadership and halt job and career momentum.

What’s Next?

No healthcare leadership characteristic is right or wrong nor is there a boilerplate executive personality.  Some positions might require a collaborative, strategic executive while other situations need a leader who is more direct and tactical.  It is critical to determine if the organization will benefit from a warm, friendly outgoing leadership style or if greater success will be achieved by a quiet, focused and introspective person.  Executive assessment by an InveniasPartners professional certified in Hogan methods will enable you to focus on candidates with the personality, preferences, values and motivation necessary to move your organization forward.

For more information on executive assessment, please contact Curt Lucas.