Executive Coaching

It's all too common. Healthcare executives run into detours and roadblocks. Executive coaching helps executives get past these roadblocks and on the highway to job satisfaction and career success. Executives who take part in coaching not only fulfill the roles and responsibilities of their position, but also sustain career momentum for years to come.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching—especially as applied to C-Suite executives and board members-- is a process and a relationship.  It aligns with your organization’s executive training and development goals.  It helps executives and board members understand their development needs.  The result:  Executives can design strategies to enhance individual and team performance. 

Why Executive Coaching?   

Executive coaching from InveniasPartners benefits both individual executives and board members and your organization.  By participating in an executive coaching program, C-Suite and board members experience growth in these areas: 

  • Self-control, self-awareness and social influence  
  • Acceptance of responsibility and sharing of credit
  • Communication, collaboration and diplomacy
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Navigation of political landmines
  • Team alignment and cohesion
  • Employee and clinician morale,  motivation and retention

How Does Executive Coaching Work? 

Executive coaching from InveniasPartners helps executives develop leadership and team skills.  It facilitates conversation about negative outcomes and missed opportunities.  And it allows you organization to retain and motivate executives and board members with the highest potential.  With executive coaching you can support executives in their current roles, as you prepare them for new and emerging roles and responsibilities. No matter what coaching program you select, InveniasPartners will be with you during each phase of the process:

Preparation:  An InveniasPartners coach defines goals, expectations and logistics for the executive coaching engagement.

Assessment:  An InveniasPartners coach assesses the executive or board member via personality assessments, interviews with colleagues and a review of career history, work preferences, roles and responsibilities, sources of conflict and stress and professional goals.

Planning:  An InveniasPartners coach crafts a plan that leverages the executive’s strengths and isolates goals for performance, learning, changes in leadership style and professional development. 

Implementation:   An InveniasPartners coach stands watch as the executive or board member implements the plan’s strategies and tactics and shares regular progress reports.

Evaluation: The executive or board member works with an InveniasPartners coach to evaluate success via one-on-one feedback and discussions with C-suite or board colleagues.

Follow-up:   An InveniasPartners coach reconvenes with the executive or board member within three to six months following the conclusion of the coaching engagement.  As new opportunities and challenges emerge, the coach and executive meet to tweak the development plan.

What’s Next?    

Whether you focus on c-suite and board leaders, high potentials or mid-levels, executive coaching will help your organization improve leadership performance, enhance team interaction, build emotional intelligence, foster accountability and deliver business and clinical results with speed and agility. InveniasPartners offers coaches with the experience, skill and political savvy to bring executives and board members to the highest level of performance  For more information on how InveniasPartners executive coaching, call Joe Fournier.