Executive Onboarding

Executive Onboarding from InveniasPartners

Why the rash of turnover within the healthcare C-Suite? Think about healthcare executives who experienced early turnover. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • Culture: Did they fail to blend and integrate into the organization's culture?
  • Team: Did they neglect team building with colleagues, medical staff and employees?
  • Expectations: Did they miss or ignore the expectations of board members and C-suite colleagues?
  • Politics: Did they lack the savvy to navigate organizational politics?
  • Onboarding: Did the organization lack a strategic, formal process to integrate new executives?

What’s Executive Onboarding?

Executive onboarding is vital to the performance of a newly hired C-Suite executive and board member.  Onboarding is nothing less than a process by which you accelerate the transition of new C-Suite executives and board members into your culture and clinical, business and financial operations.    

Why Executive Onboarding?

Executive Onboarding from InveniasPartners offers these benefits to healthcare organizations: 

  • Accelerate and smooth executive transitions into new roles.    
  • Solidify executives’ relationships with colleagues, community leaders and employees. 
  • Support newly hired executives as they navigate success zones.  
  • Turbocharge individual and team contributions to mission, vision, values and strategic imperatives
  • Avoid executive derailment; minimize executive terminations and turnover.
  • Ensure leadership retention and continuity.    

How Does Executive Onboarding Work? 

InveniasPartners works with you to onboard newly hired C-Suite executives and board members:  Here’s what you can look forward to do in the initial three months. InveniasPartners will help build a bond with new executives as you--

  • Share your organization’s protocols. 
  • Clarify expectations.
  • Develop a framework for communication.
  • Forge collaborative teams. 

InveniasPartners is with you every step of the way within the first 30 days as you-- 

  • Illuminate cultural challenges and successes. 
  • Secure consensus on strategic priorities.
  • Identify potential risks and rewards. 
  • Cement C-Suite executive relationships.

But it won’t end there.  Going forward, InveniasPartners supports new executives as they--

  • Identify and celebrate early wins.
  • Pinpoint executive development priorities.
  • Finalize expectations.
  • Mobilize resources. 

Two to three months into executive onboarding InveniasPartners supports executives as they: 

  • Articulate their vision.
  • Engage team members.
  • Implement action plans.
  • Strengthen alliances.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders.

What’s Next? 

Remember, the majority of C-suite executives and boards need at least six months to hit their stride. Executive onboarding from InveniasPartners ensures that a new executive or board member integrates into your organization. It’s one of the simplest, most cost effective strategies available to optimize success of your executive hires.