Executive Search

Find the best Health Care Executives with the proven success of InveniasPartners

Our Perspective  

We understand how to zero in on what's needed to achieve success in senior executive and board positions—from personality, cultural fit and leadership style, to executive skill, health care knowledge and political instinct.

Executive search is a process. InveniasPartners evaluates executive and board candidates against your position specs, sharing insights on how a candidate’s personality, knowledge, skill and experience will work—or not work—within your organization. InveniasPartners stands with you every step of the way—from candidate identification and early screening, to on-site interviews and contract negotiations with your chosen finalist.

Executive search from InveniasPartners offers your organization these benefits:

  • Candidate Quality: Bring highly qualified executives —many of whom are still employed and not yet looking—into the executive search conversation.     
  • Sustained Focus: Focus on day-to-day clinical, financial and operational performance by turning your search over to a seasoned team of InveniasPartners search consultants.
  • Speed and Agility:  Streamline the executive search and hiring process by relying on InveniasPartners research, scanning tools, interview expertise and engagement management savvy.     
  • Confidentiality:  Ensure that your search remains private and confidential. InveniasPartners can safeguard your recruitment process.
  • Objectivity: InveniasPartners offers objectivity and perspective on candidate quality and fit based on decades of experience and broad health care knowledge.