InveniasPartners Differentiators

Why choose InveniasPartners over other C-Suite executive search, assessment and talent management advisory services consulting firms? The answer rests in InveniasPartners' mission, vision, values, services and results. Just as important are the experiences of InveniasPartners' clients. Click here to discover how InveniasPartners delivers a C-Suite executive search, assessment and talent management experience that meets the criteria of speed, efficiency and client satisfaction.

Why InveniasPartners?

Exclusive Healthcare Focus

InveniasPartners’ exclusive focus on healthcare allows its clients to feel confident, relaxed and at ease. Clients trust InveniasPartners to deliver the best, most innovative C-Suite executive search, assessment and talent management advisory solutions.

Healthcare Experience

InveniasPartners’ founding partners boast decades of experience as senior executives and partners in large senior healthcare executive search and consulting firms. Others come with decades of experience as CEOs, COOs or CHROs in large integrated delivery systems. From a former managed care CFO, to a CEO who spearheaded a multihospital system in the Midwest, InveniasPartners’ search consultants have the knowledge, skill, experience and leadership to deliver the results that clients deserve.

Comprehensive Services

InveniasPartners offers its clients the latest and most innovative services—from C-suite executive search and assessment, to executive coaching, onboarding, development and succession planning. InveniasPartners is also prepared to execute clients’ board searches—from identification of candidates and orchestration of interviews, to final selection and onboarding.

Geographical reach

With multiple office locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, and Dallas, InveniasPartners offers national healthcare reach blended with close-to-home, local insight. No matter where a client is located, InveniasPartners’ consultants are a short business trip away.


InveniasPartners is committed to diversity—in candidate identification and selection and in tapping the right search consultants to deliver executive search, assessment and talent management advisory services. InveniasPartners realizes that as society changes, so do healthcare organizations. Hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, medical groups and payers will seek C-suite executives who understand how to reach, educate and engage diverse populations of consumers, patients and employees.